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Keywords – Don’t be to quick to change

April 10, 2008

When we look at our website performance and rankings, sometimes we feel that we need to keep changing out our keywords and re-optimizing our sites. If good keyword research was done before Search Engine Optimization and you are not seeing any improvement in traffic or rankings for your keywords, then content may be where you need to go next. Having your site re-optimized around the same keywords will not do any good. You need to look at your content and make sure it is including your keywords that you performed optimization on already. Some SEO companies will change out the keywords to words people have usedto find your site. This will make your numbers look good for awhile, but it really is not giving you the best SEO service. Anyone can see what is used to bring traffic today, but the trick is to find keywords that drive valuable traffic to your site that turns into conversions.

Michelle Smith

Director of Campaigns

Top SEO Marketing Inc.


Your customer is your audience on-line

March 13, 2008

I was talking to a friend last night about his web site. We were discussing – what is it that you are trying to sell  or what services are you trying to offer? That is the first thing you need to ask yourself before you start any search engine marketing work on your site. When someone walks into a store they are able to quickly see what you have to offer, well the same needs to be portrayed on your web site. Your web site must capture the audience’s attention right away and give them a sense of what you offer. Your site must have good information that portrays those offerings. You should not ever create web pages just for search engine rankings, because they are not going to use your services or buy your products. A Search Engine Marketing Firm can concentrate on the back end  SEO Services allowing you to work on keeping your true customers in mind by giving them value in your content throughout your site. Remember to keep your content original and informative that will meet the customer’s search engine queries and bring you business.

Michelle Smith

Top SEO Marketing

Benefits of Organic Search Marketing

January 26, 2008

With the prices of fuel increasing and the time we have seems to be decreasing, we all our looking for new avenues to accomplish our daily activities and needs. The Internet is increasing in popularity to help us gain back some of that precious time and allow us to complete a lot of those chores from our office and homes.

More companies have turned to Internet Marketing to grab some of this new business. But where do they begin? Search Engine Marketing is a moving target for advertising and getting business. The businesses are not only competing locally but in some cases are competing globally when using the Internet for advertising.

The best way to achieve and increase website rankings for a business is using Search Engine Marketing Firms that concentrate on just that. There are many rules and changes made by the Search Engines that must be monitored at all times. Most businesses do not have that kind of time or expertise to perform those SEO services. Find a company that specializes in Search Engine Marketing and let them do the work for you. You will gain more time to focus on your core business while gaining more business from the Internet.