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Search Engine Spiders – The Basics

March 24, 2008

The average user of the internet is familiar with which search engines they use for searches.  However most people often wonder how Google, Yahoo or any of the search engines go about determining which websites get presented on the results page.  Here is a brief overview of how it works including a bit of information on Search Engine Optimization

Spidering websites

Every search engine, such as Google, has spiders that literally crawl all the websites in the internet.  As they crawl a website they look at content only.  So for example, if your website is all flash, the spiders may find your site but leave immediately.  Without content they have nothing to crawl.   The spiders have actually over time gotten quite smart.  They pick up on specific keywords and by crawling all of the content will hopefully gain an insight into what the main theme of your site is.

Indexing websites

After they crawl a website, the information in then put in an index or database.  The information resides in this index and is ready to be utilized if certain keywords pertaining to the subject matter are used in a search.   How they get ranked will be discussed in a moment.

Does every page of a site get spidered and indexed?

How effectively the site is crawled and ultimately indexed depends on many factors.  Let’s say the architectural design of your site is poor.  Google’s spider may only crawl a few pages because it gets stalled or blocked from continuing.  Maybe the site is missing the robot.txt information in your HTML code.   Maybe there have been black hat techniques used on your site that look like spam.  And the list goes on and on….

How are sites ranked?

Just because the spiders have crawled a website doesn’t mean it will rank well.  Google alone has an algorithm with over 200 variables that are utilized when determining how to rank which sites and in which order.   In addition, each of these 200 variables is weighted differently based on importance.  Over time the variables may change and/or the weighting of the variables may change.

How to achieve good rankings

Ok here’s my plug, but with the little information shared above, optimizing your own site isn’t for the faint of heart.  Actually we’re just talking about rankings; we haven’t even begun to talk about traffic or conversions.  So we truly are at the beginning of the story when it comes to search engine optimization.  If you’re interested in gaining new customers or new business, contact Top SEO Marketing today.  Our business is to drive business to your site at the Local, Regional and National levels.  Let us take the headache out of optimizing your website.

Rebecca Ratliff
Top SEO Marketing


Blogs, should you do it for your company?

March 20, 2008

Typical marketing is usually one-way but blogging can allow you to have a conversation with others including your customer.
It is a great way to keep up with the news about your industry services and products and to get yourself thinking about different topics surrounding your business.
By opening your blog up for comments you can listen to these comments which will also give you new ideas for products to offer and also provide good feedback on ideas you may want to try.
You can use a Search Engine Optimization Company to help set up and create your Blog for your Web Site. Increase your presence in the Search Engines through creating a Blog. Let your search marketing company help in providing new content and information for the Search Engine’s customers. This will give more relevance to your web site, which in turn equate to better rankings in search engine placement.
Maintaining your blog and updating new and useful information to your customer can also allow you to establish yourself as an expert resource on the products and services that you offer. So, get out there and start blogging!

Michelle Smith

Top SEO Marketing Inc.

Managing Reviews for Local Businesses

March 17, 2008

Top SEO Marketing is a Search Engine Optimization company that specializes in optimization at the Local, Regional and National level.  Learn why utilizing a Search Engine Optimization company for managing a local campaign and reviews is so important.  Local search engines and local directories often provide users the ability to write reviews.  Great reviews can be a wonderful boost to attract new clients or customers.  However, what do you do if you receive reviews that are not flattering or just not true?

With both Yahoo and Goggle you can submit a request to have the review removed.  Here’s the catch, often times the review is only removed if it violates their guidelines.  Typically those guidelines focus on inappropriate language, offensive materials and a list of whatever they deem inappropriate.  So if you’ve received a review that does not violate their guidelines but certainly is a negative review that could hurt your business, what can you do? 

There are several options.

1.        Contact the reviewer and try to resolve the issue.   If successful, they may now refer others to your business and you may get them to either remove their review or add an additional review that discusses the satisfactory resolution to the problem.

2.       Type in your own review in response to the negative review.  There are times when you have done everything correctly.   There are those that will write negative reviews unfairly anyway.  Your only choice may be to put in your views on the situation.

3.       If the negative review is valid,  it may be time to review your business practices or policies/procedures.  Sometimes a negative review can provide an opportunity to improve your business practices and as a result gain new business and help maintain existing business.

Top SEO Marketing provides Search Engine Optimization at the Local, Regional and National level.  We can complete a local search campaign for your business to attract clients in your local area.  Let us also help you manage bad reviews or bad press by monitoring your presence on line.  Often time businesses receive a bad review and are totally unaware that it even exists.  Let us improve your presence locally and assist you in managing your business reputation on line.  Visit our website at Top SEO Marketing.

Rebecca Ratliff
Vice President of Local Search
Top SEO Marketing


Your customer is your audience on-line

March 13, 2008

I was talking to a friend last night about his web site. We were discussing – what is it that you are trying to sell  or what services are you trying to offer? That is the first thing you need to ask yourself before you start any search engine marketing work on your site. When someone walks into a store they are able to quickly see what you have to offer, well the same needs to be portrayed on your web site. Your web site must capture the audience’s attention right away and give them a sense of what you offer. Your site must have good information that portrays those offerings. You should not ever create web pages just for search engine rankings, because they are not going to use your services or buy your products. A Search Engine Marketing Firm can concentrate on the back end  SEO Services allowing you to work on keeping your true customers in mind by giving them value in your content throughout your site. Remember to keep your content original and informative that will meet the customer’s search engine queries and bring you business.

Michelle Smith

Top SEO Marketing