Search Engine Marketing Analyzing Competitors


Search Engine Marketing – Analyzing Your Competitors

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to be successful encompasses many aspects.  Early in a Search engine campaign assessing your competitors is a great place to start.  This post gives some general ideas on different aspects of your competitors to look at.  The competitive review can actually be quite extensive, this is just a brief look at a few.

Top Competitors

After determining what the primary keywords will be for your campaign or website do a search in Google to see which companies are in the top ten.  Review some of these sites to see which ones are most similar with respect to the goods and services they offer.  Once you’ve selected three to five companies, here are a few things specifically to look at.

Page Rank

Page rank is Google’s methodology which encompasses an algorithm that determines the rank of a page based on incoming links and the quality of the referring  web-page.  The ranking from 0 – 10 is a relative measurement of the relevance of a web-page based on the keywords entered in the search.  If you haven’t set up your toolbar yet with the Google page rank, you can add it from here:
 Click on “Install Google Toolbar”. 

This will allow you at a glance to see the current page rank for the website your visiting.  If most of the top competitors average a page rank of 8, this is an indication of what it might take from a page rank perspective to get ranked well in Google.  Improving you page rank involves not just links but those that are high in quality and relevance.


Knowing the number of inbound links to a site will give an indication of what it might take to rank well in the search engines.  Here are some great tools for checking information regarding the inbound links to a site.

Inbound links from Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Shows who’s linking to a particular site:
In the search box type:

Keyword Ideas

Reviewing top competing sites for the types of keywords they’re using is always beneficial.  Usually you’ll find keywords that you hadn’t considered yet. However doing your own keyword research is a must. Only you know what is important and what the goals and objectives of your site are.  

Traffic Trends

One of the best sites today for looking at traffic trends is  They have many tools to allow you to compare multiple sites at a time.  See just how well the competitor sites you picked are actually doing by looking at traffic trends. 


Search Engine Marketing is not an exact science and completing a competitive review can mean much more that the brief list above.  For a start at reviewing your competitors, give them a try.

At Top SEO Marketing each campaign starts with keyword analysis and a competitive review.  Our business is to bring you business at the Local, Regional and National level, utilizing proven Search Engine Optimization techniques.  To learn more about Top SEO Marketing visit our website at

Rebecca Ratliff
VP of Local Search
Top Seo Marketing 


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