Top SEO Tips: Blogging 101


Help your search engine marketing efforts by promoting your website utilizing effective blogging.  The following covers the basics of just how to do that.

Watch Your Subject Matter

Choosing subject matter is really easier than you think.  No one is more of an expert than you are when it comes to your business.  Whether you’re selling services or products there is always plenty to promote. Try to think like your audience, what would they find of value and interest.  If your selling products think about the following to promote your website and your products.

  • Benefits of the product
  • Define known problem and state your resolution (products and services)
  • Define what’s unique about your solution, product/service
  • Announce new services offered or product releases
  • Discuss how your service or product works to provide benefits.
  • Offer examples of how your services or products benefited someone else or
  • Highlight areas where your product or service works best
  • Known industry news regarding your areas of expertise.
  • Are there crossover benefits, point out multiple department or company benefits involving your products/services.  For instance, it not only eliminates confusion with patient benefits and verifies insurance coverage but it also helps doctors offices receive payment faster because it scrubs the insurance claim automatically – allowing your office to function more efficiently, save money and be more productive.

Blog Appearance

Readers on the Internet love to scan through a page quickly and find the main points of interest for them.  Break the blog up into small paragraphs with headings.  Make the headings descriptive so the reader knows what to expect from each paragraph.  If appropriate use a bulleted list. 

Length of the blog

How long should my entry be?  Blog length is typically between 250 to 1000 words.  What’s the magic number?  Actually it should be based on the information you’re providing.  Writing a long post that has information that could be covered in a shorter post isn’t wise. 

You will do well with your search engine marketing blog efforts if you write the post to comprehensively cover the topic and no more.  There is nothing wrong with a 250-word post that covers everything your reader needs to know.    You can also consider writing a series of short posts to effectively cover a topic.  

Remember, providing quality content also promotes your website and products in a favorable and professional way.


Select one or two keywords to focus on and include them when writing the title and blog entry.  Keep on point – focus on the subject and the keyword terms should come naturally.  Don’t force them to fit where they don’t belong. 

How many times should the keyword be used?  Here is a general guideline:

  •  250 – 500 word post use 4 occurrences of the keyword
  •  500 – 1000 word post use 8 occurrences of the keyword

Blog Titles

A blog title should accomplish several things:

  •  Be enticing
  •  Utilize keywords
  •  Be descriptive and accurate

Ensure your visitors arrive and find that the post meets the expectations of the title.  Note that the first part of the title is a keyword, followed by the specific subject matter related to that keyword. Here are a few examples for a post written about prostate cancer:


Spell check

OK I know it’s a small point but do complete a spell check. Remember your promoting your website and your products/services.

Add your website URL

Include a link to your website URL once or twice in the post.  Preferably at the end of the post.  It’s ok to make a reference and promote your company but do so professionally and save it for the end.  Your visitor is there to get information of interest, if they like what they read…….they’ll be back!

My Plug!

OK so if your interested in promoting your website on-line, visit our website for more information at  Our business is to bring you business through National, Regional and Local SEO campaigns.

Happy Blogging:)

Rebecca Ratliff
Top SEO Marketing


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