Local Search Marketing and SuperPages


Local Search Marketing and Superpages.com

As part of a Local Search Marketing plan, businesses should submit to Local Search Engines, Yellow page providers and Data Aggregators.  If you’re interested in submitting your business to online Intenet Yellow Page providers to enhance your local presence within their directories as well as with the major search engines local spots, Verizon SuperPages.com is certainly one to consider.  Based solely on their own credentials, a business should certainly take advantage of the free listing within Verizon SuperPages, however you add to that some of the affiliations that will also benefit your business.

Here’s a partial listing are some of Yellow Pages-Superpages alliances and relationships that you may or may not be aware of. 

Superpages provides online Yellow Pages services to MSN.

Superpages.com is provided MapPoint.net from Microsoft.

Consumer Guide
Consumer Guide provides unbiased reviews for over 500 products to Superpages.

Acxiom is a data aggregator that provides both Yellow and White pages listings to Superpages.

Amacai provides content to Superpages.

Mobile Travel Guide
Mobile Travel Guide provides information on restaurants, attractions and lodging to Superpages for the United States and Canada.

Superpages and eStara work together to bring the power of voice to buyers and sellers.
Whitepages.com and SuperPages.com are partners, with Superpages providing data to WhitePages.

SuperPages.com is the Yellow Pages for Lycos and navigation portal network.  Superpages provides co-branded Yellow Pages for Lycos sites such as Angelfire, Hotbot, Tripod and WhoWhere.

Superpages is About.com’s yellow pages provider.

Superpages.com is the exclusive Yellow Pages provider for America411.

Superpages.com provides yellow pages services to bybYellowpages.com

Local search marketing encompasses many aspects when trying to provide good presence for a company.  Understanding relationships of some of the providers should assist you in determining who is best to submit to.

Top SEO Marketing provides SEO campaigns at the National, Regional and Local levels.  Part of our service is to keep up with the industry and the relationships within the industry.  Top SEO Marketing provides companies with the most up to date services and best performance regardless of what level campaign is chosen.  For more information please see the Top SEO Marketing Inc. website at www.topseomarketing.com.

Rebecca Ratliff
Vice President Local Search
Top SEO Marketing, Inc.
Dallas, Texas


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