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Keeping up with recent changes in how to best complete submissions to IYP sites requires constant research to keep up with.  It seems that on a frequent basis someone is partnering with another company, buying another company or sites are dropping out all together.
If you’re playing in the local search arena and submitting to various IYP sites, there’s a recent change worth noting.  If you’ve been submitting to YP.com using the form on the following page, https://signup.yp.com/  for a basic listing, they let you submit the listing, but the submission will never become live.   They now receive all of their company listings through InfoUSA.  InfoUSA is one of the primary data aggregators that feed various IYP sites.
Since InfoUSA feeds many IYP sites and other local search engines such as Yahoo! Local and Google Local, adding your business to InfoUSA is a must.
To add your business listing there are two methods:
1. Online Method
 Set up an account using the main site at http://infousa.com/
 Complete the on-line form and your done
 The listing will take from 30 – 60 days to become live
2.   Send an e-mail to InfoUSA at contentfeedback@infousa.com and include the following:
 Name of Business
 800 number
 Website URL
 Contact Name and Title
 Primary line of Business
 Industry Classification
 If the business is already listed and this is an update, include the businesslisting as it exists currently and then  what  inforamtion has changed. The benefit of sending an e-mail is that the listing will become live faster than the  online method above.


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